What to Expect in Your First Orthodontic Consultation

Blog Featured Image (Dr. Wade Williams checking patient)

Did you know that one of the first records of any orthodontic application can be traced back to the time of Egyptian mummies?! Found by archaeologists whose excavation unearthed the tombs, there was what appeared to be crude metal bands that had been wrapped around each tooth in order to try and straighten them. To bind these together and make them stay in place, it is also believed that these ancient dentists used catguts to help guide the teeth to their positions and close the gaps. Gross!
Have no fear, they do not use catguts anymore… I don’t think. Kidding! These are some of the questions you could be asking about on your first orthodontic consultation, however. Asking as many questions as you can think of is why the Woodlands Orthodontist likes to schedule a consultation in the first place.

During this time another thing to expect is filling out paperwork. I know, sounds boring, but this is important to gather as much information regarding past medical and dental history as possible. Make sure you fill it out correctly! Each patient is different and your Orthodontist will read everyone’s files to make sure they will find the best treatment plan for you.

The next step is going to be the exam and images. Once in the big comfy chair, your orthodontist will take a look inside at your pearly whites, to make sure that there are no immediate problems that could interfere with your orthodontic treatment plans – such as a cavity (yup, that has to be filled before the braces are put on!). The exam process is very much like when you go to your regular dentist. You may also be asked to make a mold of your teeth with dental putty or have x-rays done of your teeth. This will help your orthodontist visualize and form a plan of treatment without you having to sit all day in the chair!

Once the exam and images have taken place, your orthodontist will go over an initial plan for your treatment. This may include a few different options based on the severity of your case. Again, no two mouths are exactly the same, not even twins! I guess that would make them not “dentally” identical! Traditional braces are the ones most people think of as “brace-face”, with a mouth full of metal wires and colorful bands. However, other options have become readily available, not to mention affordable, in the last few years such as Invisalign and ceramic braces. Talking with your orthodontist about your options for treatment options is highly encourages, especially during this consultation period.

The final steps for your consultation are scheduling for your first appointment and setting up payment along with insurance. You are now well on your way to having wonderfully straight teeth! Doing anything for the first time can be daunting and cause anxiety, make sure to schedule your orthodontic consultation with Wade Williams Orthodontics today! 

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