Power of Orthodontics

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Many individuals dream of having a beautiful, healthy smile and for them the way to achieve that is through orthodontic care. The Woodlands Orthodontist knows that being self- conscious about your smile is not a way to go through life. With proper treatment and care, providing a beautiful smile will improve not only your appearance but how you feel as well. When your treatment is complete, you will have the healthy smile you always dreamed of. 

An orthodontist is a dentist who concentrates on the treatment of crooked or misaligned teeth. They spend an additional 2 – 3 years on top of their dentist education, for specialist training on this particular practice. Many people associate orthodontics to basic cosmetic presentation, but having proper alignment of your smile can create better oral health. Patients who have been through the orthodontic process will find it easier to care for their teeth later including brushing and flossing. It also cuts down on potential risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease. 

The orthodontic practice is a dental process made to provide the realignment of a person’s teeth. It helps with adjusting overbite, under bite, cross bite and open bite. It creates a straight smile by decreasing gaps and space between teeth or overcrowding of teeth. Orthodontic applications are made of metal, plastic and / or ceramic pieces. They may be removable pieces or brackets fastened to the teeth. These pieces then place a slight but constant force against the teeth in a controlled direction which then moves the teeth into the desired position.

 Most patients going through the orthodontic treatment are children and teens. This may be because when we are younger our jaws are continuously developing to accommodate more teeth. During this time, it provides an excellent opportunity for teeth to be moved with orthodontics which allows for a faster process. Although not all children need orthodontic care, it is wise to have an orthodontic exam at an early age. This will allow dentist and orthodontist to find signs that may lead to orthodontic care later. Some of these signs include the jaw being disproportionate to the face, excessive thumb sucking, chronic mouth breathing, primary teeth falling out too soon or too late and even showing over or under bites. Again these can be caught and treated at an early age. 

Though most patients receiving orthodontic treatment seem to be going through their adolescents, adults can achieve beautiful smiles just as easily! And with technology making such advancements for teeth realignment, the wires can be less noticeable with the latest materials shifting smiles quicker and with greater ease. 

Treatment time for the orthodontic process varies from 1 – 3 years. These factors are based on many influences including age, treatment program and how extreme or minor the case is. Of course, the more meticulous and engaged you are in the process may speed up the results. 

The power of orthodontics can be life changing. Why not have the beautiful, healthy smile you always dreamed of? 

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